The most popular election video on YouTube

I’m sure a lot of you saw this video. It’s no surprise that this video, according to Fox News, is the most popular election video on YouTube, garnering over 11 million views.


Dear Mr. Obama,
Having spent twelve months in the Iraq theater, I can promise you this was not a mistake. I’ve witnessed firsthand the many sacrifices made for the people of Iraq. Those sacrifices were not mistakes. The Iraqi people are just like us. They want a chance to live in a secure world: free from tyranny, free from terrorism, free to prosper, free to raise their children and pass on a future. Are they better off today than they were in 2002? You bet. I’ve seen many men sacrifice their lives for the Iraqi people. They died for a purpose, not a mistake. They died giving hope. They died promoting freedom. Do you rescue a fireman just as he’s about to save a child? When you call the Iraqi war a mistake, you disrespect the service and the sacrifice of everyone who has died promoting freedom. Freedom carries with it a price. Because you do not understand or appreciate these principles, sir, I am supporting John McCain for President. He, too, made a huge sacrifice promoting freedom… because he understands the fundamental truth: freedom is always worth the price.

Isn’t that what this and every election should come down to? There are problems that need to be addressed during each and every election season. Obviously, we want the person who can best address those problems and issues, but in this particular election, we have a huge disparity between two candidates. One has fought for America and for freedom, and sacrificed five years of his life for it living in a hell hole being tortured daily. He then dedicated the rest of his life to serving his country. There is no doubt that, in John McCain’s heart, he truly loves the United States and would fight to his last breath to defend her. You can disagree with his policies — and I do disagree with some of them — but there is no doubting his allegiance and love for his country. With Barack Obama, he’s led a largely privileged life, going to private schools and eventually Harvard. He got married, entered politics, and a mere 143 days after becoming a US Senator, became the first African-American to run for President on a major party ticket. Yet all he and his wife can do is criticize the United States, paint a picture of gloom and despair, complain about all he feels we’ve done wrong, and smear Americans as racist if they don’t support him. For God’s sake, the man said he wanted to “free us” from the “restraints” of the Constitution, that it was a blind spot and a major flaw. It’s hard to tell if Obama loves his country or not, because there’s a vast difference between loving America for what she is and what she stands for, and loving America for what he thinks she could be if only he could change everything about her. That’s not love of country.

John McCain understands the price you must sometimes pay to remain free. Barack Obama does not. Perhaps this is why the vast majority of those serving in the military, in all branches, overwhelmingly support John McCain. They know they have no ally in Barack Obama. And this is possibly the same reason why Iraqis also want John McCain as President. They understand what Barack Obama cannot.

Can we really have a President who doesn’t understand the basic principles upon which this country was founded — a President who looks at those principles and see a “major flaw”? The answer is no, we cannot. I think the 11 million people who have seen this video, and those serving us in the military, can see that. It’s sad that there are so many that can’t.

Issues like a hurting economy will come and go. We can rebound from a recession — we’ve rebounded from worse. But can we rebound from a President who wants to destroy everything we stand for?

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