Rasmussen: McCain Now Has Edge On Economy?

Bill O’Reilly mentioned this from Rasmussen on his show Wednesday night and it sounded like a pretty big deal. Reading the specifics now it seems like an even bigger deal:

After several weeks of John McCain’s campaign attacks on Barack Obama’s tax plan and idea of “spreading the wealth around”, the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds voters trust McCain more than Obama on taxes, 47% to 45%.

Two weeks ago, Obama had a one point-advantage on the issue of taxes and a month ago, he had a three-point edge. The last time McCain had the advantage on this issue was September 14, just before the collapse of Lehman Brothers started the meltdown on Wall Street…

Men favor McCain by a 51% to 43% margin when it comes to taxes, while women still trust Obama more, 48% to 43%.

Voters now trust Obama overall on six out of ten electoral issues tracked by Rasmussen Reports. Two weeks ago, the Democrat holding the edge on seven issues. A month ago, Obama had the advantage on every issue.

McCain also has gained ground as the candidate to trust on economic issues. Forty-eight percent (48%) now trust the Republican hopeful more than the Democrat while 47% hold the opposite view. This is the first time McCain has led on the issue that has hurt his campaign since September 17. One month ago, Obama held a nine-point advantage when it came to economic issues.
Follow the link for additional results on issues including Iraq and abortion. I used a question mark in the post title because I wonder if other polls will show the same thing. If the findings of this poll reflect reality there still might be a chance for McCain to win — despite the heavy Democrat turnout in early voting and all the voter fraud we are already seeing.

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