LA Times: We Can’t Release the Tape Because Source Could Be Put in Jeopardy

I mentioned in my post from yesterday that one reason why the source didn’t want the tape released is because Obama and Khalidi know who the source is and he’s afraid of repercussions. Well, that’s what the LA Times is now giving as its excuse for not releasing the tape. From LGF via Gateway Pundit:

The Times has made it clear (last night online and in today’s newspaper) that it will honor that agreement. That is what you’d want, I would think: protection of a source in return for getting the underlying information. To break that agreement might put the source of the tape in jeopardy. Honoring the agreement allows the newspaper to continue to get information from other sources and assures those sources of information that they can come forward confidentially.

There’s got to be something really bad on that tape if the person who handed it over to the LA Times might be in jeopardy if it were released. This also confirms what many of us have been saying for a while, that Obama befriended some very dangerous people over the years. And the American people just might elevate this man to leader of the free world?

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