The Big “O” Show

Everyday I check the polls expecting to see that The One has broken out to a double digit lead in them all. After all, he has already rented the stadium, ordered the caviar, written his inaugural address and picked his cabinet. This week though, something different has happened. John McCain has chipped away at Obama’s lead in most polls and every time I checked the Real Clear Politics average this week he has picked up a point. No wonder Obama has scheduled 30 minutes of prime time on three networks tonight. This is definitely not the time you want your opponent to pick up momentum.

I am hearing some say the Big “O” Show has a potential of backfiring and I can see that. I am really used to DVR now and only watch the commercials I want to watch for the most part. I expect there will be a big audience though, if for the curiosity factor alone. I expect The One to pull out all the stops. I expect to see a couple of Clintons, Colin Powell and lots of non-radical looking middle class types talking about how sucky life is in Bush’s America. Obama will listen to them intently, feel their pain, and promise to fix all that ails them. The final portion of the infomercial is said to be broadcast live from a rally. Expect flags to wave, people to cheer and music to cue for maximum effect.

I expect it to help Obama in the polls too. How couldn’t it? He is going to have time to make his case on his terms to a huge audience. The fact that he is doing this though, after having already outspent McCain many times over in many states, is interesting. It shows that Obama is leaving nothing to chance. Dump as much money as humanly possible in the battleground states — check. Go after anyone who dares question The One — check. Set up Obama satellite channel — check. Make sure the media is “on board” or punish them by shutting them out — check. Pay an ACORN group over $800,000 to get out the vote — check. Purchase 30 minutes of prime time national television — check.

McCain has a huge mountain to climb if he hopes to win. There may very well be a huge Obama blowout on election day. But there is this pesky little problem of an election that could get in the way. Most people have not yet voted. We will know soon enough if the Big “O” Show will stop the momentum McCain is enjoying this week. One thing is clear — if Obama doesn’t win, and win big, after all the money that has been spent in this election, and with all the help he has gotten from the media and ACORN and others, it will be a loud statement from the American public. A McCain win would show that America rejects redistributive economics and rejects a commander-in-chief ready to wave the white flag and rejects a chief executive with connections to extreme radicals. It would also show that America rejects the official candidate of the mainstream liberal media. It would be a major feat indeed to overcome the Obamessiah, but Americans still have that choice.

Update: A reader asked “And what if Obama does win, Lorie? What kind of a statement would that be from the American public? What would that show?

“Boots” responded in the comments with the perfect answer:

That would show that if America’s enemies at home, which includes Obama’s
friends and mentors, combine forces with most of the major forces of American media and pop culture, AND add to that $600 million of dirty money from unknown donors overseas, along with millions of forged voter registrations and votes from ACORN, that the revolution against the United States of America can be won from within.

The vicious treatment of Joe the Plumber shows us what will happen to any of us if we dare to complain….Joe asked a question of Obama when Obama showed up in Joe’s driveway to use Joe & his neighbors as props in a photo op, and Joe is now being investigated by officials of the State of Ohio.

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