The Mirror Crack’d

Two interesting incidents have happened in the last week or so, related to disturbed individuals, threats of violence, and the presidential campaign. And while they are unrelated, they form most interesting (to me, at least) counterpoints.

First up, the infamous Ashley Todd, who fabricated a mugging story that involved a supposed Obama supporter carving a “B” in her face after seeing her McCain-Palin bumper sticker. Then we have the arrest of two skinhead neo-Nazis who planned to assassinate Barack Obama.

The left, naturally, is having a field day with these two stories. They fit their narrative perfectly — the Right threatening violence to get their way, while also faking Left-inspired violence to excuse their own behavior.

I see it slightly differently. (No surprise there.)

The Todd story shows that this young woman has serious issues. More importantly, she needs to get psychiatric help AND face justice for filing the false report.

But what I find interesting is that her story is, as the Left is famous for saying, “fake but accurate.”

Violence and suppression of McCain-Palin supporters is going on all over the place.

A McCain office in Denver was sent a packet of white powder — the old “fake anthrax” stunt.

Another McCain office, this one in South Carolina, was broken into and trashed, with “Republican means slavery” spray-painted on the walls.

A McCain campaign bus was shot.

Sarah Palin is being hanged in effigy. (Don’t get too excited; since she’s white, this is not a hate crime.)

George W. Bush is being beheaded in effigy.

Of course, this is all dwarfed by one or two loons shouting “Kill him!” about Barack Obama at a McCain or Palin event, in that special tone that reporters can hear and Secret Service agents can’t.

And then we have the two neo-Nazi assholes who were planning on assassinating Obama. Their threat was more sincere than the non-attack on Todd, but considerably less plausible.

Apparently these two geniuses intended to secure money, weapons, and ammunition by robbing gun stores, and the assassination of Obama would be a part of a killing spree of blacks and other minorities.

At first, I was glad these two assholes were caught. But then, as the details emerged, I found myself regretting that the ATF was uncharacteristically efficient in busting them. Had they actually tried to pull off their cockamamie scheme, there would have been a good chance some gun store owner would have dealt with them for us, saving us all the costs of their trial and incarceration.

Ashley Todd’s attack: fake, but plausible.

The skinheads’ plan to assassinate Obama: sincere, but extremely implausible.

Here’s hoping all three spend a very, very long time out of circulation.

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