An Army of Sarah Palins

You have to read the posts by John Hawkins and Ace to find out what that means because I am in a bit of a hurry right now. Oh, okay, I’ll give you a bit of it. John and Ace are talking about recruiting conservative candidates from the grassroots — business people, doctors, plumbers, retired military, etc. Read the posts to find out why the GOP needs to do more of this.

Update: One effect of the candidacy of Sarah Palin is likely to be others without political background or connections seeing they can make a difference as well. From Kat at Argghhh:

Blogging has given me some outlet to express opinions and share ideas with others, but impact or effect on actual political issues is unmeasurable. So, even having become somewhat of a political junky, I still did not imagine that your average citizen had real capability to change things or have a voice besides the ballot box.

What changed my opinion about my place in politics? Sarah Palin…

It is her personal story along with her political views and the drive to “do something about it”. She started out in the PTA, went to the city council, became mayor, voted in as governor and now on the national stage as the VP candidate. People can quibble about how and why she ended up on the national level, but I think she would have ended up there eventually. That last part is just icing on the cake. The important part of the story is that she was just a regular citizen with few political connections and little monetary backing who got into politics because she wanted to change things.

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