Ownership: Your 5-Feet of Influence

Early this morning in Wealth Redistribution An Unattained Civil Right: Obama Interview, I noted the 2001 Barack Obama interview that has surfaced in which the presidential hopeful lamented the limitations of the Constitution and was driving for “redistributive change” through legislation in order to exact “political and economic justice.”

And while in the interview he did not think wealth redistribution could be affected through the courts, he was confident that it could be attained “legislatively.” The reason the courts have not legislated this from the bench is that it requires the court to interpret the Constitution in a manner that is wholly in conflict with the document – and its intentions – as written.

The prospects of an Obama presidency and a large democrat majority that leans far left in both the House and the Senate will set the stage for “legislative” imposition of the transfer of wealth to those who he views have a civil right to that money.

Ed Morrissey says it Smells Like Socialist Spirit. I would suggest that it is beyond olfactory sensation. It is Socialism.

Well, then. Fine .

But this is not the America I knew…

The government does not exist to determine the acceptable level of wealth of its individual citizens. For government to assume that role, it would have to end private property rights and assume all property belonged to the State. That is classic Marxism, and as Barbara West of WFTV noted, it runs in Marx’s classic philosophy of “from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”. That economic direction has been an abject failure everywhere it has been tried, and in many cases resulted in famines that killed millions of people.

The RNC and the McCain campaign has to get these quotes out to the American public in the final week of this election.

Ed strikes the nail squarely on its head.

The good folks over at NewsBusters.org, who clearly also do not sleep, noticed as well. They noticed our early posting, for which we are grateful.

But the broader discussion is what is important here, beyond our circles of comfort, and the discussions that matter can only be carried out by you, within what I call your permanent 5-Feet of Influence.

The McCain campaign can “get these quotes out to the American public,” but it is what you do with them – the manner in which you discuss and with whom – that makes the difference.

You are the campaign. It is your Constitution that you – not John McCain – must defend and protect. You cannot cede that responsibility to any politician. None. The Constitution protects you. It limits politicians. There is a potential conflict of interest at the outset. Barack Obama just explained that to you in no uncertain terms. Do you understand that?

So stop whining, stop complaining about the media being in the bag for Obama, stop fretting over polls reported – and often conducted – by the same. Just shut up already. Get to the business of defending and protecting your Constitution.

Go to bed tonight fully able of answering this question with specific things you have done and people you have spoken to, and not just things you have griped about:

What are you doing with your 5-Feet of Influence to defend and protect our Constitution and American liberty as our parents handed them over to us?

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