Barack Obama, Serpent American

For some time, I’ve been trying to get a grasp of just who Barack Obama is, what he stands for, what he believes in. And I’ve finally come to the conclusion: Barack Obama is a snake.

No, I don’t mean that in some generic derogatory sense. I don’t particularly like snakes, but a lot of people do, and they say they have some very admirable qualities. (Yes, Ellen, I’m thinking of you.) And the more I see and hear and read about Barack Obama, I am convinced that he has some definite serpentine qualities.

First up, the man seems, to me, to be the very definition of “snake oil:” “any of various liquid concoctions of questionable medical value sold as an all-purpose curative, esp. by traveling hucksters.

Obama is the solution to ALL our political problems! Voting for him will make everything better! (Just don’t ask any awkward questions. Or read the fine print.)

Also, the serpent model also works for Obama’s past troublesome affiliations. Jeremiah Wright, ACORN, Bill Ayers, the New Party, Raila Odinga, Tony Rezko — the list goes on and on and on. All of them were useful to Obama on his rise to power and prominence. And all of them, when they grew to be liabilities, were cast aside and left behind as Obama continued his move up the political ladder.

These are the associations that cling to most people. But in Obama’s case, he just shed his skin and discarded lt, leaving those past associations behind, reveling in his new, sleeker, untainted skin.

You can even hear it in the talking points — mention his long-standing relationship with Ayers (and the constantly-evolving description of it, as each prior description becomes “inoperative” when facts emerge that contradict it and a new answer has to be fabricated), and you hear how Obama was only eight when Ayers was doing that. (To call that “misleading” or “ingenuous” would be kind.) Almost forty years ago? Do you know how many snake skins that translates into?

I don’t, but I bet it would be a lot.

This is the pattern of Obama’s political life. He almost never takes any solid, risky positions. He almost never stakes out a position and holds to it. He has never stood up to his party leadership on a single issue.

And that, it seems, is just the snake oil so many rubes are willing to fork over their hard-earned bucks for.

(Special thanks to Laurence Simon, who in a private conversation compared Obama supporters to the stages of a rocket, discarded once they’ve been used up, and got me thinking of the whole “snake” metaphor.)

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