Sarah Ditches Fancy Duds

Sarah Palin said she first hoped to just ignore all the talk about her clothes and high heels and hairdo, but has decided to address it. She is no longer going to be wearing the expensive wardrobe provided by the RNC which has gotten so much attention in the past week. One pundit pointed out that when Palin campaigned for governor of Alaska she wore “fleece” and that would not do for someone campaigning in the lower 48 for the office of Vice President. The RNC clothes never bothered me. She did have an Alaska wardrobe. She is not a super wealthy person like Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama. She was new to most Americans and needed to make a good impression. She also only had a matter of a few days at most to get her family packed and ready to begin this amazing adventure. It makes perfect sense to me that the campaign would provide her with a fancy wardrobe so she would have one less thing to worry about. It was always a big nothing to me, but I guess some newspapers and television reporters would prefer talking about $150,000 in clothes to talking about over $800,000 the Obama campaign gave to an ACORN group to get out the vote. Or about all the suspect donations the Obama campaign has accepted. Or about any of Joe Biden’s dozens of bloopers, blunders and gaffes. Good for Palin for embracing her own style, but if she thinks going back to her Alaskan fashion is going to make them any more likely to report matters of substance, I fear she will be very disappointed.

Update: This is not directly about the clothes issue, but says a lot about how comfortable Palin is in her skin.

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