With Responsibility Goes Liberty

Yesterday I called the prospect of a lurch toward unbridled Socialism under an Obama presidency and a radically Left Democrat Congress America’s Last Gasp.

Fred Thompson agrees, and in his video speech demonstrates how we are truly at a fork in the road and how the country votes in a few short days will determine the future course for America. It is a choice that will either elect a government that wholly disregards our Constitution, or one that is, at the very least, not a threat or an affront to it.

Many are under the impression that the proposed government expansion will more equitably redistribute American wealth and thereby eliminate or sharply reduce poverty. Yet, such central approaches have not eliminated or even dented poverty in socialist nations. Poverty exists as equitably in France and Britain as it does in America.

The effect Socialism will have here on poverty is merely the transition of responsibility from the individual to the federal government. And to cede personal responsibility is to cede liberty and choice.

And when we cede liberty, we are no longer what has always made us American, unique in the world.

That’s what this election is about. The choice is yours. For now.

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