America’s Last Gasp

It will be the anvil that broke the camel’s back.

An ailing Ted Kennedy has been fast at work orchestrating what could be the fatal blow to the Constitutional concept of limited government. As the senator puts it, “the cause of my life” – socialized medicine.

“There is a serious process moving forward and that augurs well,” said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, a nonprofit health care advocacy group. “There really is a sea change that should not be underestimated in terms of attitude…”

Mr. Kennedy’s goal, his aides say, is to introduce a universal health care bill as soon as the new Congress convenes next year and to push quickly for its passage – a much-accelerated timetable compared with the last time that a health care overhaul was on the agenda, at the start of the Clinton administration.

“Senator Kennedy has spent the last several weeks laying the groundwork for reform so that we can be ready to go in 2009,” said his spokesman Anthony Coley. “This is and has been the cause of Senator Kennedy’s life.”

If Obama wins and the Democrats increase their majority leverage in the House and Senate, what is to stop the federal government from dismantling the best health care system in the world (while imperfect) and in its stead establishing the most massive federal bureaucracy we will have ever seen?

This, amounting to untold trillions of dollars, on top of the trillion dollar bailout passed with a snap of the fingers just weeks ago. As well, it will accompany Obama’s planned $1.3 trillion in additional spending for the further expansion of government, and massive increases in tax credit checks to Americans who are already net income tax consumers rather than contributors.

The calculus applied to pay for this is massive tax rate increases to the top 5% of American earners and the (not discussed) expiration of the Bush Tax Cuts (which will further increase rates across the board). This not nearly enough, an unprecedented increase in small, medium and large business tax rates is planned that would result in layoffs, increased business failures, further business relocations to other countries with lower tax rates and a swelling of an under-the-table cash economy.

What does all of that mean? In every instance, it means lost jobs, which translates into fewer income tax contributors and an increase of tax consumers (unemployment checks, dropping of tax bracket to ‘consumer’ rates). The trickle up of misery compounds as they spend less, shrinking and closing businesses as a result. In every instance for businesses, it translates into less – not more – corporate tax collections.

As savings are consumed for daily living by struggling families, there will be significantly less to pass in inheritance. Of course, the death tax will be increased right along with all other taxes, yet the increased rate eats even more away from what would be passed to the families to survive, while the total receipts for a glutenous government will be even less.

Not factored into the above equation at all is the crippling effect to US industries (more jobs hemorrhaging) of signing on to the Kyoto Accord, which punishes US industries disproportionately with other nations’ heavier polluting competing industries. Such will be back-doored upon our backs by Barack Obama’s intent to submit the United States to the U.N. Millennium Declaration, which includes other concessions of sovereignty, such as US Military Forces’ acquiescence to the jurisdiction of and submission to the International Criminal Courts and the imposition of a UN-collected and redistributed International Tax.

Where will all of this newly required trillions of dollars of additional revenues come from with closing industries and businesses and generally anemic tax receipts?

Joe Biden got it right when he said Barack Obama is about “a 3-letter word: J-O-B-S.” Because it’s simple math and the plans do not add up.

Perhaps neither can add. You must.

The Great Depression will have been an amusement park ride. But the park will also be closed, because too few will be able to spare the money for entertainment over meals.

The federal government’s budget and conscripted responsibilities will have grown exponentially nearly overnight, while its increased taxation will net fractionally less in receipt – not more – than today.

If polls are to be believed, the American people are barely one week away from voting in the utter collapse of the American economy. Not through failings of the free markets, but rather from the unrestricted (and un-Constitutional) expansion of the Federal Government, its insatiable consumption of individual prosperity, and – most dangerously – the destruction (through systematic limitation) of individual liberty.

And we will have collectively selected our own demise.

We will not recognize what we will have condemned our children to inherit, an oppressive burden squandered from a gift once afforded us by our own fathers.

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