Problems in VA with Military Absentee Ballots

This is nothing new to those who were paying attention to the Gore operation in Florida in 2000. Democrats really do support the troops though. Seriously. They didn’t think they could win in Iraq. They denigrated their accomplishments there to gain political advantage. They think the troops are to be pitied and “rescued” by liberals who will bring them home in defeat before completing their mission. And they don’t think their votes should be counted. But they really do support the troops.

Second, there was a solution to these problems proposed earlier. Rep. Kevin McCarthy introduced HR 5673 to expedite the delivery of military absentee ballots. The unions opposed. Here was the operative bit, where they complain about the private sector:

NAPUS is deeply concerned about HR 5673, particularly the provision that sanctions private contractor conveyance of overseas and military ballots.

When the unions opposed the measure, all actions stopped in the House. Nancy Pelosi and Chairman Robert Brady (also chairman of that pristine Philadelphia Democratic Party, whose Secretary has been convicted multiple times of violating election laws) didn’t seem to care about preserving voting rights. Somehow, putting unions ahead of voting rights will be a pattern in the Democratic House.

Update: Marc Ambinder asks if Democrats will intervene on behalf of these voters.

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