Breaking: Obama Supporter Attacks and Mutilates McCain Volunteer

Drudge has the headline in red. These Obama cultists are dangerous and out of control. What the hell will these people do if the messiah loses on November 4th?


Is this the new strategy to get Obama elected? Vote Obama or we’ll riot, mutilate people and destroy property? Keep in mind, community activists used intimidation to get banks to give home loans to minority and high risk customers. They stormed bank lobbies and scared away customers. They harassed bank presidents at their homes. It seems they’re willing to go even further and actually mutilate a McCain supporter. Will voters with McCain signs in their front yards be targeted, too?

To me, this is an argument to defeat Obama soundly on November 4th. We will not be intimidated into voting for Obama.

Update: Here’s the story. A woman was robbed at an ATM in Pittsburgh. The guy was apparently going to leave until he saw her McCain/Palin sticker on her car. That’s when he attacked her and mutilated her, carving a “B” on her face. An Obama supporter robbing someone, at random it seems, at an ATM and then leaving the mark of the messiah on her face when he sees she supports McCain. Thug.

Update II: Ed Morrissey has more, including a photo of the victim. She’s identified herself as Ashley Todd, who’s a College Republican field rep.

Update III: I got an email from a reader:

Just spoke with my friend who is a McCain staffer here in Pittsburgh. She said the woman was attacked after she left a McCain campaign meeting last night on the University of Pittsburgh campus. The assailant is described as african american male and she has identified, in detail, the attackers shoes. He beat her up “really bad” she said. Pittsburgh Police are in possession of a horrific photograph of the victim.

Update IV: Here’s another report:

Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Diane Richards says the woman was withdrawing money at 9 p.m. Wednesday when a man approached her from behind, put a knife to her neck and demanded money. She says she gave him $60.

The woman told police the robber then noticed the bumper sticker, punched her in the back of the head, knocked her down and carved a “B” on her face.

Some commenters are accusing the victim of faking her attack. Well, according to the report above, she was standing right in front of the ATM at the time he robbed her, so the security camera will tell us what happened. Added: This is happening now.

Lorie adds: If the media is fair about it, this story will get a lot more attention than some idiot who may or may not have yelled “Kill Him” at a McCain rally. Any media report that does not include Obama’s instructions for his supporters to “get in their faces” will be incomplete and do a disservice to news consumers by not giving them the full story. My husband says this won’t get as much attention as the McCain angry mob story did. Come on ABCBSNBCNN, prove me and my husband wrong. It will be easy enough to check and I am sure someone will by comparing the Google and Nexis hits of the two stories. I know those in the media can’t be shamed or embarrassed into giving McCain and Obama equal treatment, but this is just such a clear cut case — I can’t believe they would want to give their critics this kind of ammunition. UPDATE: After seeing the picture, I am suspicious about this story. The cut looks really clean and straight to have been done in a violent attack, but that is something the police will surely sort out, like the Secret Service did those “kill him” McCain angry mob chants. If this were to turn out to be of similar dubiousness, I wonder if the media will cover them similarly. If this turns out to be the real deal expect a big yawn, but if it is a hoax, it will get plenty of attention. Probably more than this story did anyway. UPDATE II: Michelle Malkin has more info and I will be surprised if this is not a hoax. This woman sounds like she might need some help. I noticed tonight that Palin is speaking in Pittsburgh in the morning. That makes me wonder if Todd thought this was a way to meet her.

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