Head-Scratching Over Pennsylvania?

At the New York Times’ International Herald Tribune an article on Pennsylvania opens with what has been, to me, a rhetorical question.

People are scratching their heads: Why is Senator John McCain here?

Why is that rhetorical to me? Because over a week ago a little birdie (several birdies, actually) told me that McCain’s internal numbers in Pennsylvania have had him well within striking distance. And that jibes with this week’s news of Obama’s errantly leaked internal numbers for Pennsylvania: A mere 2% lead.

That’s why McCain’s there.

Not exactly the whoppers that grace the polls in the news coverage. And such are McCain’s internals, I am told, in a few other places. This doesn’t solve for every state by any means. But it solidly dispels the notion that the Obama campaign can commit to inaugural party planning.

The Obama campaign internals in Colorado show a double-digit lead there. They must. Why else was Joe Biden allowed to speak there unless the outcome were beyond reproach?

Mr. Obama, could you kindly send Jack Murtha to Virginia? That would be most helpful. Many thanks.

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