A Boy Named Hsu & Small Donors Concealment

The Washington Post posits that Big Donors Drive Obama’s Money Edge. But the concern is not about the ‘big donors’ but rather about the Obama campaign’s shady concealment of its ‘small donors’ list.

Case in point: A boy named Hsu, who was arrested for filtering hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally to the Hillary Clinton campaign through hundreds of ‘small donors’ to whom he provided the money to contribute in their own names, most of them poor Chinese residents (legal or illegal) of New York City’s Chinatown. You know Norman Hsu.

This is why Obama’s concealment of his campaign’s thousands and thousands of small donors is disconcerting. Are they laundering points for illegal donations from larger donors or foreign directly to the campaign?

It’s not as if there is no precedent for such a concern. McCain’s entire list is published for scrutiny.


  • ‘Chinese’ is codeword for: Chinese.
  • ‘Concealment’ is codeword for: Concealment.
  • ‘Illegal’ is codeword for: Illegal.

Just to be clear.

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