Joe Biden's Gift — Reminding Voters of the Terrorist Threat

I was offline yesterday, and was really surprised last night to read of Joe Biden’s comment about Obama’s election inviting a generated international crisis. What was really weird is that yesterday I mentioned to someone that if Obama is elected there will likely be a terrorist attack because our enemies will want to test him. I then said it is too bad that McCain can’t say that because he would be accused of fear mongering. I guess he can say it now, since Joe Biden has. I can imagine an easy ad using the audio of Biden’s comment and then the line “John McCain has already been tested and America’s enemies have no question about where he stands on the issue of terrorism and national defense.” Period. That says it all.

On September 12, 2001, if George Bush told Americans that he could guarantee there would be no additional terrorist attacks on US soil, no one would have believed him. Of course he couldn’t promise that. That we have not had additional attacks is no accident. I doubt many Americans have even considered the fact that Obama opposes so many of the tools and tactics that the Bush administration has employed that have thwarted additional attacks. Joe Biden has given John McCain a perfect opening to remind voters of just that.

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