Powell Endorsement

The endorsement of Barack Obama by Colin Powell, which has been hinted at for months, will certainly be the media’s main focus for at least the next week. I wonder if all those lefty bloggers who have referred to Colin Powell as an Uncle Tom for all these years will call him that anymore. Probably not. Count on this endorsement by a Republican In Name Only to receive much more media attention than that of former Democratic Party Vice Presidential nominee Joe Lieberman or numerous high profile Hillary Clinton supporters of John McCain did.

Update: Drudge links this report from September in which Powell said the election of the first African American as President would be “electrifying.”

Update II: MIchelle Malkin points to the inconsistencies in Powell’s professed reasons for supporting Obama and addresses the talking point that pro-choice, pro-affirmative action Powell is a Republican hero. I know I will be branded a racist for referring to affirmative action. It isn’t a race thing, people, it is an example of another fundamental issue on which Republicans and Powell disagree. But then again, Palin’s reference to white terrorist Bill Ayers was not a race thing either, but the AP still branded it that way. (Sorry, but it is taking me a while to get into Obamathought mode.)

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