Saturday Morning Wizbang Political Radio

Crane Durham has asked me to appear on 97.1 FM TALK – St. Louis this morning at 8:00 AM EDT to talk politics with him. I normally discuss National Security, counterterrorism and various theaters in the War on Terror with him each Sunday night at 7:00 PM EDT. But when I hang up the ThreatsWatch hat and the discussion shifts to personal views on politics and the domestic issues before us, the conversation gets infused with an extra touch of energy and passion.

So if you want to drop in and give a listen or maybe even call in, pop over to 97.1 FM TALK – St. Louis tomorrow morning at 8:00am. There’s a quick, un-intrusive free registration at the start. But in about 30 seconds, you’re streaming audio. I think you’ll like Crane’s show. He’s a good guy and an entertaining host.

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