Obama Draws Less Than a Full House?

Hmm. I don’t know if this means anything or not, but for what it is worth (from Jim Hoft):

CNN reported today that a group of “plumbers” waved plungers at Obama in Virginia…They were all wearing “I am Joe the Plumber” shirts. There were no reports on half moon sightings when they bent over.

About 6,500 showed up to see The One. The center holds 10,500. The crowd booed McCain- This did not appear to make any national headlines.When I saw Sarah Palin here in NC she packed out an arena that held around 8,000. Many stood in line from 11 a.m. to get a good seat — doors weren’t scheduled to open until 4, but they opened a little early because it took so long to get all those people through security. Palin didn’t speak until around 7 p.m. McCain was here earlier this week and Palin was here again yesterday. Tomorrow McCain will be back, appearing outside of Charlotte. On Sunday Obama will be here, in Fayetteville. I am hearing that McCain’s increased attention to NC is paying off, but have not seen any recent polls. Most are from a week or so ago and they show a dead heat. NC’s demographics have changed a lot in recent years with an influx of new residents. Just prior to primary election day, Hillary appeared to be catching up to Obama in the polls, but he easily won by double digits. I think that means polls may be underestimating his support here, so regardless of what the polls are showing, each candidate would be smart to pay as much attention as possible to NC these next two weeks.

Update: Read Rebekah’s story about her Palin experience.

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