This Is Why They Are Going After Joe

Last night I was ticked that McCain let Obama repeat that 95 percent will get tax cuts line over and over again without challenging it as welfare. I told a McCain campaign friend of mine this morning that I sure hoped there was a plan to do it in an ad, and that letting Obama keep repeating it was just a set up. This ad is exactly what I was hoping for. No matter how much the Left tries to destroy Joe the Plumber, it won’t matter, because as I pointed out earlier what Joe said is not what was important. It was what Obama said that was. He admitted that his tax philosophy is that it is good to spread the wealth around. Well, it isn’t good for everybody and what I would love to hear McCain ask the American people next is how much good is your tax cut going to do you when the tax increase your employer got puts you in the unemployment line? It is short and snappy and explains the danger of taxing the job providers in an economic downturn. I am pretty stupid when it comes to most things having to do with the economy and finances, but even I could figure that one out.

Update: JIm Geraghty on the angry mob going after Joe.

Update II: Score another one for the Obama Thugocracy. After seeing what was done to an Ohio plumber who dared to ask The One a question in his own neighborhood, a source for a story that could hurt Obama is getting cold feet. Ace points out the Politico’s role.

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