The ADD Electorate

Yesterday, as I was gassing up Mongo (my less-than-mighty but always-thirsty old SUV), I was congratulating myself on finding gas for under $3.00 a gallon. ($2.99.9, to be precise.) I still think it’s a bit too high, but danged if it hadn’t fallen over 25% from its peak. (Price corrected — thanks, Faith+1.)

And I seem to recall that the skyrocketing price of gas was said by many to be THE deciding issue for this year’s election. The high price of gas (and, by extension, other fossil fuels) would guarantee an Obama victory.

Before that, back when the current election really started heating up (I think it was 1937), we were all told that THE deciding issue for this election would be Iraq. As long as we have troops there, fighting the unwinnable war, Obama was guaranteed a victory.

Both those crises passed. And then came the financial meltdown — which is threatening a lot of people, but has yet to directly affect very many of them. Yeah, my 401K has taken a hit, but I’m nowhere near ready to cash it in — it has, in theory, at least a couple of decades to bounce back.

This is the crisis du jour, THE deciding issue for the election — as long as the housing collapse/credit crunch/Great Economic Higgledy-Piggledy of 2008 is still playing out, Obama is a lock for the White House.

Excuse me, but I think this is where I came in to this movie…

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