MSM? Not Any More

It’s time the MSM get a new acronym that better suits what they actually do these days. Considering how they’ve worked over Joe Wurzelbacher, a private citizen who did nothing more than ask a simple question of a presidential candidate who walked through his neighborhood stumping for votes, I’d say KGB fits the bill.

Update: Mark Hemmingway at The Corner writes about many, many emails he’s getting about the MSM’s KGB’s treatment of Joe the Plumber and his readers are not happy. Here’s a portion of one letter:

I really don’t like McCain. I’ll probably vote for him just as a vote for divided government. I’m far too libertarian in my leanings to be comfortable with McCain (or Obama, for that matter).

That said, the way the pro-Obama media and bloggers, and Obama himself, have responded to Joe has got me nearly shaking with rage. They are attempting to destroy a man — a private citizen — who had the audacity to ask The One a question. Mind you, Joe was on his front lawn playing football with his son when Obama strolled up to give him his hopenchange spiel. Obama approached Joe, not the other way around. And Joe asked Obama an honest question. And Obama gave him an honest — and very, very revealing — answer. Again, mind you, the embarassment was on Obama’s end, not Joe’s. It wasn’t a gotcha question.

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