Can Joe The Plumber Decide This Election?


Yes, if the McCain campaign really keeps hammering the socialism theme…

It’s really simple – run with the the “distribute the wealth” comment Sen. Obama made to Joe Wurzelbacher, a Toledo, Ohio plumber looking to buy the small business he’s worked at for years. Tie in the fact that Obama’s tax cut for “95 % of Americans” is the instrument that Obama intends to use to enact this massive wealth redistribution project since, as The Wall Street Journal pointed out, 40% of Americans pay no taxes. If they really get ambitious they could note that Obama’s first run for elected office was as a member of socialist party (The New Party) that had wealth redistribution in its platform.

Hammer it in every way possible.

As Mark Steyn notes:

They should put him in a series of ads: “I’m Joe the Plumber, and Barack Obama wants to spread my wealth around.” He’d be this season’s Willie Horton …but positive!

And while they’re at is they might want to capitalize on McCain’s characterization (whether it was intentional or not) of Obama as “Senator Government

If you missed it here’s the Joe the Plumber video from Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox News.

Lorie adds: I just saw an interview with Joe the Plumber on Good Morning America. He called Obama’s plan to tax those making over $250,000 “scary” and “socialist” and said it was a slippery slope that might be 250,000 today or 100,000 tomorrow. Diane Sawyer asked him if people who made a million dollars should be taxed more and he said no, and asked why should they be punished for being successful? The only problem with his interview is that he did not make it clear that McCain is not talking about people who make more not paying more in taxes, but rather being taxed at a higher rate. If everyone is taxed at the same rate, those who make more are obviously going to pay more than those who make less. The question is whether those more successful should be soaked, taxed at an even higher rate than now, so that their money can be “spread around” as Obama put it. If business owners are taxed at a higher rate they have less money to invest in the business, hire people, purchase new equipment, etc. How much is it going to help those 95 percent to get a tax cut if they are out of a job? I hope McCain hammers this theme for the next 2 1/2 weeks, as well as make the point that 95 percent would not get a tax cut under Obama anyway because many of them currently don’t pay income tax, so what they would get amounts to a welfare check. Why McCain did not make that point last night baffles me. Hopefully it will be made frequently from now ’til election day.

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