What Republicans Should be Doing

McCain is narrowing the gap in the polls. They are still going back and forth and are extremely volatile and as DJ constantly reminds us, many of them are not worth a hoot anyway, but there is evidence that they are beginning to close. There is now a 3 point lead for Obama in the Gallup traditional poll of likely voters. If McCain does well tonight they will continue to tighten and the state polls will eventually follow. The last thing Republicans should be doing now is giving up or wallowing in despair. That is what those on the left want and that is what they will attempt to do with polls showing Obama with a large lead. Democrats still hold a big advantage, but this is far from over and things are slowly turning back McCain’s way. McCain likes to come from behind. He has done it before and I think he can do it again if he plays things smart. After tonight we will know whether or not that is what he is going to do.

If you are a Republican who does not want Obama to win, volunteer at your county GOP headquarters to work a phone bank or work polls on election day. Contact all your friends and family and make sure they are going to get out and vote for McCain-Palin and for the Republican ticket. If you can, donate money to McCain-Palin and to Republicans running for the House and Senate. This Rightblogs Slatecard is a great place to find a list of deserving conservative candidates with a shot at winning.

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