Presidential Debate Number 3 – Open Thread

Share you thoughts leading up to and during this evenings final debate…

Lorie adds: Jim Hoft has a good rundown of the highlights of the debate. Sister Toldjah also has a great running post on the debate. Bob Owens has a debate review in two sentences. Here is my take in two sentences: McCain made some good points on some issues, but let other opportunities pass that he could have made more of and he did not push Obama hard enough when Obama did not answer truthfully. Unless McCain makes the most of some of Obama’s less than truthful responses in some killer ads, this debate will end up doing nothing to help him. Ace says McCain lost because he didn’t make points on the number one issue today. I was also really disappointed that McCain did not make an issue of who is responsible for the Fannie/Freddie sub-prime mess and who was right about it and tried to do something about it and who just wrote some letters. Why does he refuse to make that case? Why throw away such a strong argument on the most important issue? It is maddening.

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