Kos: Krush Konservatives, Komrades

Byron York draws my attention to the left’s Luminary Intellectual Proletariat service (or LIP service, if you prefer), the one and only Markos Moulitsas. His mission: Not just win, but crush the spirits of conservatism and conservatives.

I’ve been making the case the last couple of weeks that we can’t just focus on winning in November, but that we have an imperative to take advantage of a historic opportunity to break the conservative movement’s backs and crush their spirits. In the White House, that means getting Obama a broad popular and geographic mandate for change. In the House, that means annihilating the Republican caucus and working toward a 100-seat Democratic majority. In the Senate it means getting to a 60-seat filibuster proof majority.

Republicans will claim that McCain wasn’t one of them, hence rationalizing away their loss. But if we decimate their ranks, including their conservative icons, it’ll make it harder for them to justify their spin. Remember, we want them broken, their ranks thinned, their treasury in heavy debt, their morale in the gutter, void of any leadership, discredited in the eyes of the public.

Hence our need this year to take advantage of this perfect Democratic storm to not just win, but to utterly wipe the board clear of as many Republicans as we can catch in this wave.

Prescient, no? Our fine contemporary Greek philosopher has expanded the political mission to now encompass a radical new idea: Win as many seats as possible. Brilliant. Why didn’t anyone else ever think of that? No wonder he commands the Left’s nutroots.

Here’s my favorite part: “Republicans will claim that McCain wasn’t one of them, hence rationalizing away their loss.”

Will claim? Another bit of prescience from the LIP service.

Here’s the deal, Aristotle. If your candidate wins the Presidency, and if as many candidates win additional seats in each of the houses of Congress as you hope for, you have two years to run your fire sale on the Constitution. You will own the process, but not the clock. You will have two years to institute the mechanisms of silence and dissent suppression, such as the Fairness Doctrine, and the mechanisms of Central power, such as universal health care, the levers of defeat, such as withdrawal from Iraq (not to be misrepresented as ‘ending the war,’ which requires acknowledgment form each warring side) and apologetic rapprochement towards sworn enemies such as Iran, and drive the stake of the Marxist principles of wealth redistribution and shared misery and capped aspirations deep into our system of governance.

And then, when you get what you want, gloating with glee and smug satisfaction, you will own it. All of it.

And you will find yourself having awakened a sleeping giant, having overplayed your domestic Pearl Harbor political moment. You will find yourself perplexed as to why, suddenly and even with the aid of a fawning mass media and measures of silence imposed on others, you and your movement seem incapable of convincing ‘the masses’ of your existential merit. Because such is and has been a carefully crafted illusion. Incapable of closing the deal and realizing perpetual success. Because illusions do not stand up to scrutiny once the audience has been to the puppet show and seen the strings.

Brush reality aside as much as you like, but the fact remains that your movement has had monumental aid and assistance from nearly every media outlet capable of delivering and selling your message. Yet, once again, you are incapable of truly closing the deal and reliant on razor thin margins falling in your aided favor.

Why is that? Because such is the nature of illusions, even among an electorate largely disenchanted with the current state of affairs and government.

And you may well yet get that which you seek and predict. But confusing that with a deal closed and sealed with the American people writ large is a fatal mistake borne of premature glee, arrogance and ignorance.

The garage sale on the Constitution is nearing its end. Perhaps, as you predict certain ‘victory,’ not before we bear witness to an all out fire sale on the Constitution. But end it will.

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