ACORN: We'll Get Back To You January 30th

In Outright Fraud v. Phantom Suppression, I concluded with the following observation regarding the ever cooperative ACORN under investigation.

ACORN – An ever cooperative organization with standards so lofty they struggle to meet them. [ . . . ]

But rest assured, ACORN is cooperating fully and eager to assist in investigations. With so much to cross-check and verify, they should have internal findings for investigators in a timely manner. Sometime around, say, January 30th.

Tongue in cheek observation? Hardly.

You’ll find much more detail on this in ‘Community-Organizer-in-Chief’ by Mark Hemingway on National Review Online, as he attended the cooperation-espousing ACORN press conference yesterday. The questions posed and ACORN answers provided will amuse but not shock Wizbang! readers.

For their part, ACORN insists they have a rigorous quality-control process to prevent and weed out fraud. Their inability to provide basic information about their ongoing efforts would suggest otherwise. Had they been let into the earlier press conference, it’s hard to imagine how they would have responded to the McCain campaign allegations of voter fraud — given how their spokesman Kevin Whelan’s answered these questions from the press:

  • Out of the 13,000 workers responsible for collecting voter registrations how many have you fired for fraudulent activity? “It’s a good question, I don’t have the number but I can try to find out,” Whelan said.
  • Out of the 1.3 million voters registered by ACORN, is there any guess at how many are “Mickey Mouse” or duplicate registrations? “It probably won’t be after the election that we can tell you.”
  • Because state law requires you to submit every registration you collect, what percentage of the total voter registrations submitted does ACORN actually flag as being problematic before you send them in? “I want to not give a number that I can’t back up.”

“It probably won’t be after the election that we can tell you.” Now there’s a Warner Brothers answer if you’ve ever heard one. What are the odds that ACORN’s spokesman Kevin Whelan is the ever-elusive “virgin in a brothel” as opposed to the fox in the hen house?

Update (Lorie): 8,000 more and counting in Philly…

via Ace who adds, “As ACORN says– fraudulent voting registrations are “not the point.””

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