Thin Skinned Democrats

I get some pretty nasty comments from time to time being a female blogger who uses my real name and calls things like I see them. So please forgive me for not understanding the Democrats (both in and out of the media) whining about the angry McCain “mobs.” First, a few (literally only a handful) of people out of the tens (if not hundreds) of thousands who have attended McCain rallies does not a “mob” make. Second, the things that a handful of people have said is NOTHING compared to some of the stuff said and done by people Barack Obama actually knows. McCain doesn’t know these people yelling stuff out from the crowd. We don’t even know if they are really Republicans. Yet the racist “God Damn America” Wright and domestic terrorist Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon and wanted to bomb “our own troops at a dance with their wives and girlfriends at Fort Dix, New Jersey,” are not only known by name to Obama, but they are people who shaped his political career.

Even without those examples of Obama associates, the hate displayed by those on the left toward Republicans and George Bush over the past eight years makes the things yelled by a few at McCain rallies sound like love notes. I could go back through a thousand blog posts and MSM news stories and cite hundreds of examples, but people reading this blog know what I am talking about. Just for the heck of it though, and for those who don’t regularly read or listen to new media outlets, let me provide a couple of examples of hate speech against McCain-Palin from just this week. Here is a picture of a tee shirt worn by an Obama follower that says Sarah Palin is a (C word that I won’t repeat). But Obama surely can’t be held responsible for the fashion choices of all his followers. If this shirt had been pictured on Obama’s website or something, well, then that would be another story. Except that, oops, it was on his website. And from my state, North Carolina, from today:

After McCain’s rally here in the Tar Heel State, Barack Obama and McCain supporters engaged in some verbal taunting outside the Cape Fear Community College after one Obama supporter began repeatedly yelling “McCain is a murderer.”

“He fought for your right to say that,” one woman yelled.How dare that woman try to defend McCain. Doesn’t she know that liberals have the right of free speech and can call Republicans anything they want? It’s not like Obama told his followers to get in the faces of McCain supporters or anything? Oops. Actually he did.

I know that Obama’s followers believe when he is President the world will bow down to the newly transformed United States in awe of it’s delicious Obama-ness, but those whose brains are not yet Obamafied might realize there will always be those in the world who hate America — in spite of his Obamessianic greatness. How will Obama and those surrounding him react when someone in another country levels any criticism his way, or possibly even calls him a not nice name or (gasp) burns his likeness in effigy? I wonder if his thugs will attempt to silence those outside of America like they have those inside the country? Or will he just threaten to meet them without preconditions?

Update: John Hawkins has compiled a few examples of hate from the left. Michelle Malkin has been documenting the Unhinged Left for many years. She has posted a few recent examples also, including one aimed at Palin, “Let’s stone her — old school style.”

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