Breaking News: Ohio Vote Fraud Alert

I saw a report on Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight with Bill Sammon on the court ruling regarding the actions of the Ohio Secretary of State. Sammon described a nightmare scenario where all the problems caused by Secretary of State Brunner’s refusal to follow the law could result in an inability to correctly identify valid voter in time for the election. Michelle Malkin has posted the specifics of the ruling and reaction.

Remember what I wrote last month?

“Watch Ohio.”

Well, there’s news breaking tonight — and it’s good news for election integrity. A federal district court judge has found Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner guilty of violating federal election laws. The ruling goes to the heart of the ACORN-centered voter fraud epidemic spreading across the country. This is the second judgment against Brunner.Here is an excerpt from the Ohio GOP press release:

(Columbus) – A federal court ruled tonight that Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner violated federal election laws by not taking adequate steps to validate the identity of newly registered voters.

The ruling from U.S. District Court Judge George C. Smith called the identification breakdown “a serious problem” and ordered Brunner to immediately comply with federal requirements to match voter registration data with the information in the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and Social Security Administration databases. The court accused Brunner of failing to provide county election administrators with “an effective way to access and review mismatches.” She immediately appealed the ruling.

“For some reason, Jennifer Brunner does not want these new registrations checked,” said Ohio Republican Party Deputy Chairman Kevin DeWine. “Her refusal to comply with federal law raises serious concerns about her ability to objectively oversee this election. It’s especially troubling in light of her connection to ACORN and that group’s stunning confession this week of fraudulent registration activity happening right here in Ohio.”

Brunner’s effort to fight the court order comes just two days after the Democrat activist group ACORN admitted to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections that the group engages in fraudulent voter registration activity.

Ohio ACORN officials “blamed the elections board for not scrutinizing ACORN’s suspicious cards,” claiming the group “can’t be expected to catch everything.”

ACORN is facing similar inquires in other Ohio counties as well as 10 other states. Members of the group’s “voter-mobilization arm,” Project Vote, regularly advise Brunner on election strategy, even recently issuing a news release that claims credit for Brunner’s directive restricting challenges to suspected fraudulent voter registrations. Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama also has strong ties to ACORN, working previously as an attorney and “leadership trainer” for the group.They are pulling out all the stops. John McCain has the deck stacked against him big time. The media. Election officials. Fraudulent community workers. They are taking no chances on this one. The Obama campaign will make sure he has all the votes he needs no matter what it takes to get them.

This Ohio situation is just one of many. There are big problems in Missouri with multiple and false registration forms submitted by ACORN pouring into the election board. There are big problems in Nevada and other states as well. The Dallas Cowboys starting lineup is registered fraudulently in Nevada. Indianapolis has 105 percent of its eligible voters registered to vote.

Why is this not the biggest story on all the network news programs and cable news channels? The MSM would have connected the dots by now if they were doing their jobs. This garbage has been going on for years, all over the country. It is not isolated. ACORN is not some victim of rogue workers. This is chronic and systemic at ACORN and Obama has serious ACORN ties. About 800,000 of them, in fact. Democrat Secretary of State Brunner in Ohio is blatantly thwarting efforts to verify eligible voters. There comes a point when even those of us used to media bias and lack of curiosity when it comes to anything negative about a Democrat, just have to shake our heads and say “WTF.” Stay tuned. This is not the last of this story.

Update: Burt Prelutsky points out the glaring hypocrisy of those on the left and in the media who have complained about stolen elections for the past 8 years.

Update II: Wow, one guy registered 72 times through ACORN.

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