Women hate Sarah Palin because she doesn't worship at the altar of feminism

Hey ladies! Did you know that you and your hard work accomplished absolutely NOTHING? Everything you have today, you can thank second wave feminism for. Had that never happened, I know I wouldn’t have accomplished any of the things I’m doing today. Thank God for second wave feminism, because surely I’m not capable of building my own future.

Apparently, this is how women are required to think. Just ask Katie “Boys are stupid and violent” Granju. The real reason women “hate” Sarah Palin? Because she thinks she’s the one who accomplished everything in her life, and doesn’t worship at the altar of feminism! DUH!

For the millions of American women in their 50s, 60s and beyond who remember workplaces before second wave feminism, Palin’s attitude toward women’s issues is just plain offensive. These women toiled in work environments where bringing a child to work would have been unthinkable. In fact, they were generally fired as soon as they became pregnant. They remember the days before the law protected female workers against sexual harassment and blatant discrimination. They know that it’s only in the last generation or so that more fathers have, like Todd Palin, begun taking an equal role in childcare and household management so their wives can go out into the world as professionals. These are women who had mothers and grandmothers who told them what it was like to live in a country where women had no political voice, or even the right to vote.

Sarah Palin is undoubtedly accomplished and charismatic all on her own. However, for her to smugly act as if she doesn’t owe a debt of gratitude to the generations of American women before her who marched and organized and protested and brought lawsuits and ran for office themselves so that she could stand on a national stage in 2008 – while at the same time successfully mothering five children – is just plain rude. And it irritates a lot of us who share her gender.

I am younger than Sarah Palin, but I am also a working mother with four children, ranging in age from 14 months to 17 years. However unlike Sarah Palin, I am well aware every time I am able to take a break at work to pump milk for my baby that other women before me who spoke up and changed workplace policy deserve the credit for the more mother-friendly working environment I enjoy today. I am grateful. …

Feminism isn’t about “whining.” It’s about courageously raising issues and breaking barriers so that our daughters will have more opportunities and credibility than we have today, just as we have more than our mothers had 25 years ago. And smart women, gracious women, know when to give credit where credit is due. Sarah Palin does not.

And that is the real reason why a lot of women can’t stand Sarah Palin.
God, the horrors. You mean, Sarah Palin doesn’t kiss her framed photo of Betty Friedan? That’s just so insulting, for her to think that she’s the only manufacturer of her own life!

OK. Now, in all seriousness, of course I am grateful to feminists whose work obviously paved the way for much of what women are able to do today. But do I sit here and constantly thank them for being able to work in sports or politics? No!

Look, regardless of your age, race, or gender, there are people whose sacrifices and hard work helped to pave the way for the doors that have been opened to you. But what Ms. Granju cannot seem to understand is that it does not define who you are or what you do. I give Sarah Palin big kudos for being the master of her own life and not constantly looking over her shoulder making sure she’s giving the appropriate props to the “right” people. You can be grateful for the sacrifices of those who came before you without showing it outwardly, too. What is Palin supposed to do, open every speech with a “Truth to Power” speech saluting Second Wave Feminists? The whole concept is ridiculous.

And of course, Ms. Granju has to throw in the “we have a long way to go” schtick. You know… “we have a long way to go before ALL Americans can afford healthcare”. Dude. Seriously. HEALTHCARE. IS. NOT. A. RIGHT. No one has a right to healthcare, or even good health for that matter. No one has a “right” to be making a lot of money. No one has a “right” to their employer giving them flexible hours. Sure, it would be nice if everyone had these things, but its not a “right”. And what’s insulting is deriding Sarah Palin for having these things (uh, “wealth” envy much?!), or saying that she owes everything she’s accomplished to feminism. It’s ridiculous. And it’s condescending.

So, at the risk of being subjected to the ire of grumpy feminists who think I should be bowing down to them, I’m just going to say this. I don’t think I owe anything to any feminist. What I’ve accomplished in my life so far has been accomplished because of me: not because of Susan B. Anthony, not because of Betty Friedan, and certainly not because of Gloria Steinem. I’m very grateful that feminists fought for equal rights, but I’m also thankful to a lot of other people. I’m thankful to our military, those serving now and those who served in previous generations. I’m thankful to those who fought in the Civil Rights movement. I’m thankful to conservatives who are fighting today. But none of those people who fought in the past and in the present define me. I don’t owe them anything, and I’m certainly not going to be worshipping at their altars as if my life would be nothing without them. I am the master of my own destiny, and it only makes me love Sarah Palin that much more to know that she feels the same.

Seriously, feminists: GROW UP.

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