Did Claire McCaskill Grow Up in a Trailer Park?

From The Politico:

I mentioned a few days ago that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill’s mild affect masks a bit of a killer, and that she’s perhaps the Obama campaign’s deftest surrogate on the attack.

But I was still kind of amused by her brief interaction with Mitt Romney in the press file just now.

McCaskill was stepping out of her chair at the end of an MSNBC interview, and Romney was up next. She and a staffer unplugged her various wires, and she handed Romney the earpiece the guests use to hear the host.

“I spit on this before I put it in,” she said to Romney, with a sweet smile.

UPDATE: Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom emails: “You should have seen what she did to the chair.”

What a classless and rude woman, but she’s so low rent I’m sure she doesn’t realize how awful she made herself look. Ben Smith found it amusing? It doesn’t take much to impress him, I see.

Hat tip: The Corner

Update: JFO was outraged and claimed that I insulted people who live in trailer parks by saying that they were all rude. No, JFO I didn’t mean that literally. I was being facetious. When I wrote that headline, I was thinking of James Carville when he said this about Paula Jones and her lawsuit against President Clinton:

Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you’ll find.

He claims he meant that about Gennifer Flowers, but the nastiness and arrogance is still the same.

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