Pro-Obama Push Polling Begins

Slublog writes today that he received a phone call from a pollster yesterday evening. It didn’t take him long to notice that it was a pro-Obama push poll:

Then the weirdness started. The pollster said the next set of questions was to determine whether I found a set of arguments convincing on a scale of zero to ten, zero being not at all convincing and ten being totally convincing. The first statement was ‘John McCain voted 24 times against voting the minimum wage while Barack Obama voted for the wage and to protect American workers.’ I answered zero, and figured an anti-Obama statement would be coming next.

Nope. The next question had to do with health care, and said that John McCain voted to spend money on providing tax cuts for the rich while Barack Obama wanted to use the money to provide health care for orphaned children or something. I answered zero again.

Next issue? McCain is a puppy-murdering fiend whose favorite hobby is feeding the cute little fellas to crocodiles while Obama has his own personal angelic choir to sing his praises. Okay, maybe I made that last one up. It was actually something about how McCain voted against the interests of the American worker on various issues, while Obama voted to protect them. By this point, I figured out what was going on and pretended to think about it before saying zero again just to annoy the guy and have some fun.

There were about half a dozen questions like this and I answered zero on most. I answered three on a couple of them to give the guy a little encouragement, though. I’m a giver that way. The more conservative my answers got, the less professional the ‘pollster’ became. He actually chuckled in derision at a few answers.

The last questions were demographic in nature and the pollster asked him if he went to church. When he responded yes, that he attended church once a week, the pollster made a snarky remark. Nice objectivity, there. Read all of Slublog’s post and if you’ve been contacted by the same pollster and were asked similar questions, he wants to hear from you.

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