A Beautiful Story

My friend Andrea Shea King posted a very moving story about the child she gave up for adoption several decades ago. It is absolutely beautiful. Please read it.

I am exhausted after one heck of a long day, which ended at the Sarah Palin event in Greenville NC tonight. Actually it ended with me driving home from Greenville. I got some okay pictures at the event and will do a write up tomorrow, but right now am just too tired. Regarding the debate, I think McCain should have done more on some issues, but the townhall format made it a bit difficult. I noticed that he did bring up the “walk vs. talk” theme, but he called it “record” vs. “rhetoric.” He also made a few points about Obama’s liberal record. That’s it for tonight.

Update: Wow. I just re-read my post from last night about what I wanted McCain to talk about and he hit on almost every point.

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