New McCain Ad: "Dangerous" Obama

This ad hits Obama hard. He tried to dodge the issue through Joe Biden at the VP debate, and tried to come across as a hawk during his debate against John McCain, but would a hawk who supports our troops say and do these things?

As Ed says, Obama is the Code Pink candidate. Jodie Evans is one of Obama’s fundraisers, as well as being a founder of Code Pink who perhaps put the idea of meeting dictators without preconditions into Obama’s head, seeing as how she’s willingly met with Chavez, Ahmedinejad, and the like. She’s claimed that Iraqis are worse off now than they were under Saddam. She’s the founder of an organization that protests military recruitment centers, disrupted an Independence Day naturalization ceremonies, wants Americans to protest on Memorial Day, possibly committed treason, tried to ban the Blue Angels… the list goes on and on.

Do we want a Code Pink candidate in the White House? The Commander in Chief should be someone who at leasts respects our troops, not someone who accuses them of murder and cuts their funding and tries to cripple their strategy for victory.

McCain needs to be putting more ads out like this. Obama is not fit to be Commander in Chief.

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