Another Associate Obama Might Want to Disown

Erick Erickson has a must read post at RedState about Obama’s attack on John McCain for the “Keating Five” and about another one of Obama’s associates, Penny Pritzker, Obama’s National Finance Chair and a long time supporter.

With Prtizker as Obama’s fundraising chair, we can also see why there are questions about foreign nationals funding his campaign. Bad practices and improper bookkeeping seem rampant around Obama and his friends.

If Obama wants to go after McCain for something that happened more than a decade ago, we should remind everyone that Barack Obama counts among his friends (A) an unrepentant terrorist; (B) a convicted shady Syrian with ties to possible terrorists, that’d be Rezko; (C) a preacher who hates America; and (D) Penny Pritzker, a woman who brought down her bank because of bad business practices, bad record keeping, and sub-prime lending.

Obama will carry his friends to the White House. Can we afford them? I think not.
I wonder if Obama will try to claim Pritzker just lives in his neighborhood. Notice a pattern? Obama only disowns his questionable associates when they draw too much negative attention.

Read all of Erick’s post. My favorite part is when he points out that Obama is attacking McCain for Keating while having another member of the Keating Five, John Glenn, campaign for him.

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