An American Carol

I just got back from seeing An American Carol and I really enjoyed it. I always planned to see it to support the idea of a conservative movie coming out of Hollywood, but didn’t know how much I would enjoy it because the most recent Airplane-style spoof movies are not exactly my cup of tea. The movie is much funnier than the clips I had seen and I found myself laughing out loud at some parts of the movie. I will post more later when the kids are in bed, but do want to report that there were other people in the theater with me. When I drove into the movie theater parking lot there were maybe 30 cars, which is pretty close to deserted compared to normal, but not surprising considering the beautiful weather today. I figured everyone there must be going to see Eagle Eye or Beverly Hills Rat Dog, so I expected to have the theater to myself. There were 10 people in the movie besides me and they were laughing out loud as well. One report I saw shows An American Carol number 7 for the weekend so far, which was surprising considering how many fewer theaters it is in than some of the other movies on the list. I’ll provide some details about what I did (and didn’t) like about the movie later, but I can highly recommend it to anyone who is sick of seeing conservatives and Republicans and people unashamed of their love of America ridiculed. Liberals should go to see it so they can get an idea of how conservatives so often feel when watching movies and television.

Update: Sorry I didn’t get a review posted last night, but will post later today when I am feeling a bit better than I do right now.

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