"America, this is what a feminist looks like"

Who said that about Sarah Palin? Would you believe the president of LA’s National Organization for Women, Shelly Mandel? Amazing! This is quite a moment for her to push back against the pressure from the feminist groups who see Sarah Palin as a traitor because she’s a Republican and pro-life who actually lived her principles. Let’s hope more mainstream, liberal feminists come out of their closets and support Sarah because, as Shelly said, Sarah supports women’s rights, equal pay, Title 9, and the middle class. She has integrity and demands it from others. Take a look:

Shelly gave a wonderful endorsement. I’m thrilled to have her as a fellow Sarah Palin supporter. If other feminists and NOW presidents come out and trash Shelly, we need to stand behind her and give her a lot of support.

I was talking to my husband about this and told him that this is probably the reason why she went to California. The endorsement of the president of one of the largest chapters of NOW is huge, which explains why the MSM isn’t reporting it.

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