A few thoughts

I am really busy with family stuff this weekend — as I should be. I checked in though and wanted to just pass along a few thoughts.

1. If you want to see conservative films coming out of Hollywood, go see An American Carol this weekend. I am going to see it tomorrow and will post a review afterward, but one that I read a couple of weeks ago made me very eager to see it. Even if the movie does not look like your cup of tea (I am not generally into the Scary Movie, etc. genre), please go support it. You know liberals will be going to see Oliver’s Stone’s movie about George Bush even though the ads for it look ridiculous. They have the gall to say it is a TRUE STORY. Puh-leeze. Kinda like Keith Olbermann reports the truth. Anyway, it is a relatively cheap way to support a conservative cause (especially if you pass on the popcorn) and probably the biggest voice you will actually have in what comes out of Hollywood in quite some time. It is especially important that it have a good opening weekend so it will get some good buzz. I’ll check in tomorrow night with my take on the movie.

2. One thing has occurred to me as I have listened to all the Obama ads this weekend. (He has overspent John McCain here in NC by over 8 million dollars and is paying people $8/hour to register voters for Obama here so I have had to listen to and watch a whole lotta Obama lately). Many of the ads focus on how horrible McCain’s health care plan would be and I wonder if people realize that it doesn’t really matter what any of McCain’s plans look like. If McCain is elected he will have a Democrat controlled Congress to deal with. He won’t get anything passed until it has been significantly changed by the Dems, or unless it is such a popular idea that the public demands it be passed in original form. Either way, in a McCain presidency conservatives will not get their way unless the idea is something the majority of the public really wants. The same cannot be said for Obama’s plans because he will have a Dem congress to rubber stamp anything he submits.

Is everyone following? In other words, it is much more important to look at what Obama is proposing right now because whatever he proposes, he is going to have the votes to get it passed almost certainly in its original form. If you want a tax plan that takes money from you and gives even more of it (in check form) to people who currently pay no taxes, that is exactly what you are going to get. If you want a tax plan that will put additional tax burden on small businesses forcing them to cut back and lay people off to make ends meet, that is what you will get. If you want far left policies, that is what you will get with Obama. Barring a miracle, the Congress will still be controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. There will be no check and balance on Obama’s plans. After he has appointed two or three Supreme Court justices, forget checks and balances altogether — he will have a blank check.

3. I am reading emails from readers and fellow bloggers who are worried that this might be our last free election if Obama is elected. It sounds a little extreme and over the top, but when I read their reasons for feeling that way it makes too much sense. Between the rampant voter fraud being perpetrated by liberals at ACORN and elsewhere across the country, the Democrats’ refusal to even pass a law to require people show ID to vote, and the liberal media’s absolute non-interest in doing much to inform the public about the situation, I am beginning to see the reason for their concern. If Dems get their way and are able to effectively shut down talk radio and other conservative outlets by reviving the Fairness Doctrine, our free speech will be stifled so the Obamagovernment will be able to do just about anything they want to control our elections and the public might not even know about it. Doubt it will happen? With Obama in the White House, the Dems controlling Cnogress and Obama’s newly shaped Supreme Court seated, exactly what would there be to stop it? The leftwing media? I hate to sound like an alarmist, but there is as much evidence to point to such an outcome as there is that my SUV is going to cause the extinction of the polar bear.

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