More Obama Thuggery

I’ve been meaning to write a piece on the open thuggery and attempted suppression of free speech in and around the Obama campaign, but every time I start one, they come up with a brand new twist on the theme.

The latest is this innocuously-phrased posting on Obama’s official web site:

“Welcome” Palin Oct. 3 to Dallas (Women for Obama)
Sarah Palin speaks at a $1000/plate fundraising lunch at downtown Dallas on October 3. Let’s give her a rousing progressive “welcome” by marching in solidarity on the streets in front of the hotel. Event starts at 11am to “welcome” luncheon attendees.

Gee, why the quotes around “welcome?” Could those be the infamous “scare quotes” that imply that they intend to make Governor Palin extremely UNwelcome?

Nah. That’s old school. That’s the old politics of intimidation. Obama’s all about Hope and Change, and he’d never do that, would he?

I think I might need a new category for postings — “Obama’s Brute Squad.”

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