WOW!! Palin Shock and Awe

Sarah is no Dan Quayle. And she is no Tina Fey cartoon. And she is no drooling moron.

Democrats set the debate up better than we ever could have. If you accuse someone of being a drooling boob, you darn well better make sure they are one. Palin showed up and made all those who ridiculed her look like idiots. Case in point — Keith Olbermann. I was flipping around so I just caught bits and pieces of the post debate here and there. On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell said Palin was rehearsed. Matthews said the danger with these debates is that people say rehearsed lines and they can be mistaken for intelligence. Sounds a bit like good ole Teleprompter Boy to me. But Teleprompter Boy doesn’t even rehearse the lines. He has to read them.

Olbermann came on looking like someone killed his dog and said Palin didn’t answer the questions. Then he read a list of things he said she got wrong. He didn’t say anything about all the things Biden got wrong. I had to turn the channel because I can’t take but so much of Olby, but I was tempted to continue watching because he looked like he was going to cry.

On Fox tonight Frank Luntz’ focus group loved Palin. All in the group raised their hand when asked if Palin won. Several in the group said they moved toward McCain as a result of the debate. Luntz said to look for the polling to change because of this debate.

Dick Morris said it was a huge win for Palin and that she exhibited a talent for communication not seen since Ronald Reagan.

Karl Rove read a list of ten things that Biden got completely wrong that were beyond dispute, then said there were about six additional items he could argue Biden got wrong.

Joe Lieberman looked exceptionally happy and had a blast on Hannity & Colmes.

My overall impression is that Palin was incredible and that Joe Biden was quite smitten with her. I don’t know how much any VP debate can move polls, but I do believe that if she had not done well it would have had a very negative impact. I would not be surprised to see Frank Luntz be right and see an uptick in the polls as a result of tonight. At this point in the race people who have not yet made up their minds often go with their gut. They want to vote for the person they feel comfortable with and the one they trust, not necessarily the candidate with all the facts memorized. Tonight’s debate reminded me of the 2000 Bush-Gore debate in which Al Gore kept referring to the Dingle-Norwood bill. Gore was Mr. Smarty Pants with all the facts, but Bush was the one that displayed the personality. It will be interesting to see whether or not the voters are moved by Sarah Palin tonight.

Kevin adds: Here’s the Frank Luntz segment with undecided voters.

Update: Anchoress has a running roundup thread.

Update II: Here is the transcript of the debate.

Update III: Earlier I said more what about what others thought of Palin than what I thought tonight. In a few words, she was smart, witty, likable, sharp, pleasant, and drop dead gorgeous. I love this video (via Andrew Malcolm):

Update IV: Jim Hoft has some incredible pictures from the debate after party. I hate to keep saying this because she was very smart and sharp tonight, but I can’t help but comment on how incredibly beautiful she is. The picture Jim posted is just stunning.

Update V: Bookworm notes the botoxed forehead and makes a good point about the difference between deregulation and oversight.

Update VI: I have heard Chris Matthews criticize Palin for looking at the camera over and over again, even saying people look like a dolt when they do that and that it is a rookie move. I have screamed at the television all night that Obama looked at the camera in the debate Friday and was praised for it. Michelle Malkin noticed too and pointed to some specifics.

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