Virginia Teachers Union Tells Teachers to Wear Obama-Blue

Yes, our public schools have become less about teaching our kids math, reading, writing, science, and history and more about subtle and nuanced liberal indoctrination and brainwashing. From Fox News:

Virginia Republicans are in an uproar after the state teacher’s union sent an e-mail to its members encouraging them to wear blue-colored shirts to school to show their support for Barack Obama.

State Republicans are calling it an undisguised attempt to influence students’ political views.

The Virginia Education Association sponsored “Obama Blue Day” on Tuesday. In an e-mail sent last week, it urged teachers to participate by dressing in blue.

“There are people out there not yet registered. You teach some of them,” the Sept. 25 e-mail reads. “Others, including our members, remain on the fence! Its time for us to come together, voice our unity, because we make a difference!”

“Let’s make Obama Blue Day a day of Action!” the e-mail continues. “Barack the vote!”

The president of the VEA issued a statement to Fox defending her email, saying that no one was being instructed to wear anything with Obama’s name on it so the “invitation” to wear blue was harmless:

In a statement released to Thursday, VEA President Kitty Boitnott defended the e-mail, saying that it called for teachers to wear blue shirts, but not ones that mentioned a candidate.

The invitation was not intended to “encourage teachers to use their classrooms for partisan political purposes,” Boitnott said.

“The e-mail did not encourage teachers to talk with students about voting for any specific candidate, although it did suggest that teachers can encourage eligible students to register to vote. There certainly is nothing wrong with encouraging students who are 18 years of age or older to register to vote.”

What a crock. Surely the kids in Virginia’s middle and high schools would have noticed that many of the teachers were wearing blue on one particular day piquing their curiosity, which would naturally open the door for the teacher to discuss his or her support for Obama. But let’s keep this in mind, too. Not every teacher is a card carrying Democrat. How does this not make them feel intimidated? I’d like to see some rogue Republican teachers decide to have their own “McCain Red day.” Would the Obama supporting teachers union feel open and accepting of opposing political colors being worn around school in front of their faces? The obvious answer: no.

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