Biden Misrepresents Obama's Pledge to Meet Iran

No matter the representation now attempted by Biden, Obama and the campaign on whether Barack Obama said he would meet with Iran without preconditions, the fact remains that this is exactly what he said. It was an instinctive answer. And in Commanders in Chief, instincts matter a great deal.

Question: “Would you be willing to meet separately without precondition in the first year of your administration, in Washington or anywhere else, with the leaders of Iran Syria, Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea in order to bridge the gap that exists between our countries?”

Obama: “I would.”

If my memory serves, Biden said tonight that Obama did not say he would meet with Ahmadinejad. No matter the subtle shifts attempted by changing to say “with preparations,” or the latest in floating that Ahmadinejad is not really in charge in Iran (which is true but semantics in this instance), the original question was about the leaders of Iran, and his response was instinctively yes, and followed with forceful assertion.

Argue it’s not that bad an idea, perhaps. But don’t argue that it was not said or attempt to nuance away from instincts and stated words.

Kevin adds: Here’s Palin on Obama pledge, then Biden’s lie, then the Obama’s answer all in one video…

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