Election Fraud Alert — Ohio

This election looks poised to be one of the most rampant with voter fraud that I have seen in my lifetime. Here is some election news from Ohio via Soren Dayton:

Early voting is taking place in Ohio. Through the end of the week, people can register and vote on the same day. The Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner argues that they are merely “casting their ballot” rather than “voting” so the fact that Ohio statute requires 30 days between registering and voting would not interfere.

So here is what is happening today. People are showing up to register and vote. There is no affirmative evidence that these people have not registered or voted somewhere else. There is no control. Normally in an election, partisan election monitors are allowed into polling places so that they can police each other. But not in two counties, Franklin and Montgomery, in Ohio. Brunner also issued an advisory opinion to counties saying that they are not required to allow election monitors. Watch an election observer be turned away.As Cassy said in an earlier post, “Journalism is Dead.” A responsible media would be all over the voter fraud situation and would make it harder for it to happen, but all the news media seem to be concerned with this election cycle is getting their guy elected. Check out the headline and lede on the Dayton Daily News story:

GOP criticizes advisory of Ohio elections chief
COLUMBUS, Ohio — Republicans attacked Ohio’s top elections official Tuesday after the Democrat told counties they aren’t required to allow third-party election observers at in-person absentee ballot drop-off sites.

Got that? The story is that the “GOP attacked…” I really hate to sound like Hillary Clinton, but there is a story here for anyone who cares to investigate. Not just in Ohio, but all over the country. Of course some of the reporters would have to be called back from Alaska first.

Update: This is not related to the issue of voter fraud, but does fall into the category of more sleazy election season activity

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