Just A Click Helps Soldiers' Angels

The good folks at The $80,000 Squidoo Charity Giveaway are running a project. It’s simple.

Just go here, scroll down and click on “Soldiers’ Angels.” Because they are that.

Here’s how this works

One vote = $2

Vote for your favorite one of our Squidoo partner charities, in the poll below.

For each vote, we’ll give that organization $2.

It’s that easy.

We’ll do it until October 15th, or 40,000 votes (which is $80,000). Whichever happens first.

It really is that simple. How fantastic is that?

They do absolutely phenomenal work for our troops. And if $2 doesn’t seem enough, please head over to the Soldiers’ Angels site and you will find all manner of projects you can contribute to. The holidays are coming, and the gathering and assembly of holiday care package materials is already underway. Somewhere in this world, a soldier, sailor, airman or Marine is separated from his or her family.

From a guy who’s been deployed to the Gulf during the holiday season, trust me that nothing brings a smile faster or longer than a surprise package from anywhere and anyone back in the states.

In fact, it’s the ones from families you never knew that were the best. Snacks were packed in, assorted other small items, and pictures and cards colored by kids saying thank you. They did it just because. That leaves a mark. Please, leave a mark.

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