Thoughts for the Day

I will likely be offline most of the day, but wanted to point to a couple of things to consider. The Weekly Standard blog has some really good stuff today from John McCormack, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, Mary Katharine Ham and others. Barnes goes into some information about the presidential debate commission that I didn’t know, but that makes things much clearer now. (I wondered why McCain agreed to the foreign policy debate being on a Friday night.)

And here is something I hope everyone would keep in mind when they see Barney Frank all over television trying to blame others for the financial crisis (Chris Dodd and Chuck Schumer, too, for that matter.)

Update: It might be fun to see John McCain do something like this, but I think Obama is probably expecting some economic questions tonight, especially about how the economy plays into our foreign policy and security, so I don’t know that he would be terribly shocked.

The Problem With House Republican Economic Proposal: Shelf Life v. Perpetual Government Program
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