Code Pink declares victory in Berkeley… by packing up and going home.

Well, Code Pink’s ridiculous protest in Berkeley is finally over. They’re packing up and leaving — and declaring victory?

Title: Mission Accomplished: One Year Testimonies at the MRS
START DATE: Wednesday September 24
TIME: 12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location Details:
MRS (Marine Recruiting Station)
64 Shattuck Square
(On Shattuck Ave just south of University where Shattuck runs one-way and north – also 2 blocks north of downtown Berkeley BART)
Event Type: Protest
Contact Name zanne joi
Email Address mzsam [at]
Phone Number 510-524-2776
CodePINK and our allies have prevailed!

Major protest operations at the MRS have been ended, one year since covert military recruiting operations were first uncovered in Berkeley!

Our coalition is now engaged in dis(as)sembling and deconstructing the U.S. military, making the world safe and secure!

Our city and our coalition are proud of these accomplishments!

Come to our One Year End Recruiting Commemoration Wednesday, Sept 24th noon at the MRS* to honor these courageous Peace Activists!

Share and hear testimonies from the front lines of our most memorable, meaningful, insightful actions, episodes, and occurrences over the past year.

For more information and to participate, just BE THERE or call 510-524-2776.

*The MRS is located at 64 Shattuck Square, Berkeley, on Shattuck Ave just south of University where Shattuck runs one-way and north – or two blocks north of the downtown BART.
The USMC Recruiting Center is still open. Code Pink is packing up and leaving. This means they prevailed?! In what warped reality do these crazy people live in??

I think my favorite line is the one about “covert military operations”. Yes, look at how hidden and secretive it is:

A storefront right on a busy street. Covered in USMC logos and banners. Those damn secretive bastards. Trying to hide things! And again, in what warped reality do they live in that disassembling the United States military makes the world safer? If it weren’t for the United States military, all of Europe would be speaking German right now. We’ve saved the world numerous times from various faces of evil, from fascism to communism and now Islamic terrorism. And in any case, Code Pink must be especially deluded to think that they have even one iota of impact upon our military.

And as for Code Pink’s “victory”? The recruiting center is still open. I called them myself. And they laughed and said, “We don’t pay much attention to them. We aren’t going anywhere.” I then told them that the rest of the country supports them, and they told me thank you and reassured me again that they weren’t leaving. Which means Code Pink lost. Their mission was to get the recruiting center closed, and they didn’t. So how was their mission accomplished?

It wasn’t. The Marines have faced much tougher foes than the measly Code Pink wackjobs, and they’re still standing while the unpatriotic loons are leaving with their tails between their legs, desperately trying to make it seem like they didn’t waste a year in Berkeley.


Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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