The Knucklehead of the Day award

Today’s winner is Aya Sugimoto. She gets the award for the following

TOKYO (AFP) – Japanese actress Aya Sugimoto has taken off her clothes for sexy movies and photo shoots, but for the first time Wednesday she went naked for animal rights.

Holding a tiny sign reading, “Fur? I’d rather go naked,” Sugimoto posed in the buff before dozens of photographers and television cameras in one of the first Japanese campaigns by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

“I stopped wearing fur two years ago after I learned how fur products are being produced,” said the actress, who is also a dancer and erotic novelist.

“I want to play a role in the ‘No Fur’ movement and let more people know of the cruel and grim reality for animals,” Sugimoto said. “I don’t mind at all — even if my naked photos are posted all over.”

PETA chose Sugimoto, 40, as the first Japanese model of its international anti-fur campaign because of her passion for animal rights, for which she has created a fake-fur fashion brand.

“She is perfect,” said Jason Baker, director of the group’s Asia-Pacific branch office.

I’m glad to know the US isn’t the only country with nutty celebrities who support animal rights. Ms. Sugimoto posing nude is the best example of that since Pamela Anderson’s protest against Kentucky Fried Chicken and a bust of its founder, Colonel Sanders.

Posing nude to protest animal furs is a great publicity stunt, but that’s about it. For revealing how little she knows, Aya Sugimoto is today’s Knucklehead of the Day.

For those who would like to see Ms. Sugimoto’s ‘body of work’, check underneath the fold. NSFW.

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Aya.bmp Jason Baker said Aya Sugimoto was perfect. I can’t agree, but at age 40 she is certainly very very close.

If you don’t know, Ms. Sugimoto is a cat lover.I’m going to avoid making commentary on that.

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