Sometimes, In The Deafening Silence, You Hear Most Clearly

Earlier today, I lauded the Jawa Report for their amazing work on uncovering a likely “astroturfing” scam being run by some folks fairly close to Democratic power circles — if not Obama himself. I was curious to see if this had gotten any play on the left side of the blogosphere.

Not much, I have to say, but I learned a few things that really add some context to the whole thing.

Over at Daily Kos, I did a simple Google search for “Publicis.” Not surprising, there were very few hits, and none very recent. But two articles did jump out.

First up, Publicis was the firm that crafted the infamous “UNICEF Bombs The Smurfs” cartoon that so entertained the world three years ago.

Second, on this list from 2007 of the top lobbying firms (drawn from here), Publicis is the 49th biggest lobbying firm in the country, pulling in almost $23 million in its clients from 1998 to 2004.

Considering how much of a stink Obama has made about lobbyists in general, finding ties between his campaign and Publicis could cause even more embarrassment for him.

Just for grins, I picked a few more liberal sites to do similar searches. (Finally, a use for Wizbang Blue — I just worked off their blogroll. Thanks, chumps.)

Eschaton: Nothing.

FireDogLake: Nothing.

Jesus’ General: One hit, nothing of consequence. (No great surprise there.)

Media Matters: Nothing.

Sadly, No: Sadly, Nothing.

TPM Muckraker: No muck.

Yes, it’s still early in the game here. And — no surprise — using Blue’s blogroll as a resource turned out to be a complete waste of time. But the Kos stuff was certainly enlightening.

This story just keeps getting better and better and better…

(Hat tip to _Mike_, whose comment got me thinking…)

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