Life in Florida XI

A little of everything from around the Sunshine State.

Leave your name and number and we’ll get back to you. Woman on job interview charged with theft.

Do you want cream and sugar along with your pink slip? 15-year veteran Daytona Beach policeman fired for insisting on free coffee.

I suggest not sending them a cutlery set as a gift. Knives thrown during marriage proposal fight.

Screaming Orgasms. Hernando County Commissioners have to examine porn before deciding to grant permit.

Did he turn the other cheek? Wife hits husband because he found religion.

Exhibit 91 in why the recent layoffs at the Palm Beach Post have caused the quality of the newspaper to deteriorate.


They misspell the name of County Commissioner Adele Greene.

No reference for her. Babysitter pistol whips employer.

Jawas Score First Blood
Fear and Panic -- Another Obama Teleprompter Moment