The Power Of Negative Endorsements

I’ve said quite a few times that I’m quite impressed with Sarah Palin — and, by extension, with John McCain, for the sheer self-confidence in picking a running mate who could easily overshadow him (and, in many ways, already has). But I’m not going to talk about the positive reasons I support her. Rather, I’m going to talk about the negative, the superficial, the simple reasons why I hope she succeeds.

Sometimes, when I really don’t know much about a specific issue, I use a simple test to see which way I might lean: I ask “does this piss off the right people?” And in the case of Sarah Palin, she certainly does.

She’s got Barack Obama so flustered that he “inadvertently” calls her a pig and tries to denigrate her accomplishments by calling her “the mayor of Wasilly (sic).” And a lot of people are calling her a rube, a redneck, a bumpkin, a naif.

Speaking strictly for myself, I tend to have some of those tendencies. Although I’ve lived over half my life in cities, they are New Hampshire-sized cities — populations ranging from 110,000 to 12,000. (Yes, Lebanon, NH is a city that’s smaller than a lot of big towns. Deal with it.) And my entire state has a population that’s smaller than a lot of cities — about 1.1 million. So I’m fairly used to the “hick” treatment, and I shrug it off — or exploit it, as my mood and circumstances dictate.

So when people use that line of attack on Palin, it gives me the warm fuzzies. Especially when I remember that Alaska has about 10% more people of Vermont — and the current DNC chairman, Howard Dean, achieved that office after serving as Vermont’s governor and then running for president. Alaska is also bigger than the three next largest states combined, or the 23 smaller states combined.

Others have gone after her, and in ways that speak far more about themselves than about the governor of Alaska and Republican vice=presidential nominee. For example, Sandra Bernhard..

I’ve listened to a little of Bernhard’s commentary, and quite frankly I was more moved by her Playboy pictorial back in 1992 — and that was scary enough. So when this So when this hunk of sandpaper with lips fantasizes about Sarah Palin being gang-raped by black men, I just take it as affirmation of what a worthless hunk of skin Bernhard is.

Then I read about how a bunch of New York women don’t like the idea of Sarah Palin becoming vice-president. These strong, assertive, independent, fierce, proud women are turning literally hysterical at the mere thought that a woman might achieve the sorts of things they say they’re fighting for — but without offering proper obeisance to their “struggles,” without buying 150% into THEIR definition of “feminism,” without proclaiming abortion as the right and moral obligation of every woman, without utterly rejecting men and masculinity, all the radical feminist bullshit that has been the best joke this country has ever seen — largely because those who have made it a joke simply refuse to “get it.”

Sarah Palin has the most rabid of the left end of the blogosphere all aflutter, too. Over at Daily Kos, they’re in a competition. It’s like a pentathlon. First event, who can make up the craziest bullshit about Palin? Second event, who can find the closest thing to some kind of verification that the fantasy might be true? Third, who can get it publicized and quoted and passed around the most? Fourth, who can sustain the bullshit the longest before it’s officially debuned? Fifth and final event, who can most thoroughly delete all traces of the original article? So far the competition is fierce — the “Sarah Palin is an Alaskan separatist,” the “Sarah Palin cut funding for pregnant teens like her daughter,” the “Sarah Palin was a Pat Buchanan supporter,” and “Sarah Palin slashed funding for special-needs students like her youngest son will be” are all tough competitors, but the gold has to go to the asshole who pushed like hell the fantasy that “Sarah Palin’s youngest son is really her daughter’s son.”

Hollywood (and by that, I mean actual successful celebrities, not has-beens and never-wases and almost-wases like Bernhard) is also going nuts over Palin. The elites (who consider the epitome of intellectual accomplishment to be mouthing others’ words in a way that convinces people they’re actually expressing their own thoughts and feelings) are falling all over each other to mock the woman who had ALL THOSE CHILDREN and doesn’t have an army of nannies, who’s still married to the same guy after a couple of decades, who’s NEVER gone into rehab, who has NEVER bought into the disease or the cause of the week, and who’s not the least interested in much of anything Hollywood. How DARE someone like that think that they might be the least bit qualified to do ANYTHING, if she doesn’t at first seek Hollywood’s approval?

Yeah, I got a lot of good reasons for supporting Sarah Palin. But every now and then it’s nice to do a quick gut-check on things, to see how others perceive her. Looking at the lineup of those who can’t do enough to heap abuse and scorn on her can be intimidating.

Until you look at those folks’ track record, and realize that using them as negative indicators can actually be pretty damned useful.

Anyone who can unite Hollywood, hysterical feminists, and the far left blogosphere (just to name a few) into such fits of apoplexy HAS to have something really good going for them.

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